Corporate Compliance

1141 Group works with auditing firms and corporate clients to expedite compliance projects such as SOC Reviews/Audits and HIPAA audits.

Let’s face it, achieving corporate compliance has a lot of moving parts- and to the various stakeholders it can feel just like launching a rocket into outer space: frightening, expensive and complicated.

We can help with that. We’ve launched rockets before.

You want your compliance project launch to be:

  • STREAMLINED: Expedited, efficient project delivery
  • ENGINEERED: Exceptional design & execution
  • SECURE: “De-Risk” the Project

1141 Group acts as mission control for the compliance project. That’s why we call this our “Launch Program.” This model insures you don’t feel lost in a galaxy far, far away.

Here is the simple scenario that we help with:
  • You have a potential client requesting that you conduct a SOC II audit in order to win their business.
  • “Their business” means significant revenue for your company.
  • You have an accounting firm that can conduct the audit.
  • You are prepared to invest the necessary capital in the audit to win the client’s business.
  • What you ARE NOT prepared for is the massive investment of time and expertise required to ensure that the audit is successful.

That’s where 1141 Group comes in. We work directly for you and we have done this before. Our project managers will shepherd the project through the various stages and dramatically increase the chances of success, all while saving you time and money. We create:

PROJECT OUTLINE: Scope, schedule and budget

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Define and assign roles for project team members

PROJECT PLAN: Identify key milestones, schedule, due dates, risk mitigation tactics

REAL TIME UPDATES: All stakeholders regularly to manage change process  

MANAGE: Project to completion

CLOSE: With a “lessons learned” stakeholder meeting and/or report

If you’re considering launching a SOC or HIPAA audit, contact us today. Let’s launch this rocket together.